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The Valley Eruv Society of the Eastern San Fernando Valley is entirely contained in the city of Los Angeles.  It serves parts of the areas known as North Hollywood, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Sherman Village, and Panorama City.

The Valley Eruv Society was incorporated on October 18,1983. It took six very tough years of diligent work by the organizing and steering committee to get the legitimate civic approvals of all public agencies that had any sort of oversight or jurisdiction over the area the Eruv would circumnavigate.

In mid 2006, Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz honored the Valley Eruv by becoming the Rav of the Eruv.  He is the first line of decision when any Halachik Eruv issue is asked.

HaGaon Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, of blessed memory, z"l, answered the few challenging questions regarding our Valley Eruv. All through our development and implementation phase, our Rav ha-Machshir, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler, answered the more difficult questions raised during our inception period, and Rabbi Aron Tendler was there constantly to field the flood of daily Eruv questions.

Rabbi Aron Tendler had written that the single most profound development in the religious life of the Greater "Valley Eruv Society" Community over the years, was the building and use of a kosher and Halachikly approved Eruv. The Eruv has been the impetus for dozens upon dozens of new families, young and older, which have moved into our area. Every Jewish institution, synagogue, school and Jewish center has benefited from the Valley Eruv’s implementation.

Prior to the building of the Valley Eruv, young Shabbat observant families were home-bound. Since the Eruv has functioned, those same families have become active participants in the religious and social fabric of our vibrant community. Grandparents are now able to host their younger grandchildren for a Shabbat without compromising their own desire to attend Shabbat services. Shabbatonim, lectures, and special programs are now available to all families, young and old. Many couples who had children too young to walk to synagogue never attended a Shabbos service, a Kiddush, a Bar Mitzvah, or a lecture, with the Eruv functioning, are able to properly celebrate the joy and richness of traditional Jewish life in their community. The youth groups, as well, especially the early childhood programs, are bursting at the seams at virtually all institutions within the Eruv.

Most significantly, real estate salespeople use the phrase "within the Eruv" as a standard description for listings and sales of homes.